Interview - Supply Chain Talent: What the Hell Happened?

Talent is the backbone of any business, and in today's global economy, the hunt for skilled professionals has become a fiercely competitive endeavor. Many industries, including transporation and logistics, grapple with the scarcity of specialized collaborators.

As job openings linger unfilled, companies seeking rapid growth face formidable challenges. This has led some companies to look outside their borders for solutions. Our Business Development & Partnerships Manager, Mia Mazal, explores about it in an exclusive interview with Supply Chain Brains.



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The Challenge of Skilled Talent Shortage

Businesses across various industries often struggle to find the skilled professionals they need to thrive. Highly specialized roles in transportation and logistics frequently go unfilled for extended periods, exacerbating the frustration of businesses seeking rapid expansion.

One solution to this challenge is global sourcing through nearshoring and offshoring services. Many countries possess a surplus of highly skilled professionals eager to collaborate with US-based companies.


Because it's very, very hard to find people to fill staffing solutions, we often encourage people to look into nearshoring or offshoring solutions. This is the concept of taking part of your operations and placing them in other countries.


However, global sourcing requires an investment of time and resources. Companies must research potential markets, evaluate partner firms, and navigate international legal and regulatory frameworks. For companies looking to nearshore, there are some key points they should consider.

Do your research and explore different options. What are your needs, what are you looking for, you want someone on the same time zone as you, you want someone that speaks Spanish, you want someone who shares the same culture with you. And based of that you are going to start identify and find the right partner for you and your needs.

Nevertheless, the potential benefits, such as accessing rare talent to foster business growth, make hiring nearshoring services a worthwhile endeavor, as highlighted by Mia when mentioning the options available to access a global talent pool.

You have a partner or a provider helping you access a global talent pool of young, high-performing, high-quality professionals that might assist in filling those roles, whether it's operations, sales, marketing, technology, or accounting. 

Sworkz as your Nearshoring Partner

We are a nearshoring and staffing company that specializes in connecting US and Canadian businesses with high-performing remote talent.

Find and fulfill those staffing solutions whether is roles in operations, sales, marketing accounting, technology, etcetera, really anything can be done remotely, we can assist with. Our processes is very personalized so we get to know you, your values, your processes, to make sure the individual that we are helping to bring on to your team is matched to those processes so they are a good fit for you.

Nearshoring is a potent strategy for addressing the challenges of finding skilled professionals in the US, providing access to highly skilled collaborators and enabling businesses to remain competitive while fostering growth.

To succeed in global sourcing, companies must invest in research, due diligence, and effective communication to ensure quality and consistency across borders. Thoughtfully implementing nearshoring allows businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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