Closing the Gap: Women Shaping the Logistics Landscape


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In a recent interview hosted by Kaylee Nix and Grace Sharkey from Freigthwaves, our Marketing manager, Maria was invited to share her thoughts and experiences on personal and professional growth, the intricate relationship between marketing and sales, and the transformation of our Sworkz marketing team.

With a strong emphasis on authenticity, innovation, and connection, Maria's and Sworkz's journey unfolds in ways that resonate with those seeking to foster growth within themselves and their organizations.

"Girl Math": The Personal and Emotional Side of Decision- Making

The interviews start by delving into the intriguing concept of "Girl Math," which reflects the often emotional and personal calculations that individuals, especially women, make when it comes to decision-making, particularly in purchasing.

Grace, Kaylee and Maria draw upon their own experiences to emphasize how conscious choices are made, often involving a sense of deserving or justifying acquisitions.

This thought-provoking insight sparks a conversation about recognizing the role of emotions in our choices and how self-awareness can lead to more empowered decisions.

Synergy between Marketing and Sales: A Harmonious Partnership

Maria uncovers the symbiotic connection between marketing and sales. She highlights the pivotal role that each plays in enhancing the other's effectiveness.

      Marketing and sales is like a yin-yang relationship or even a marriage.

By fostering collaboration, alignment, and understanding between the two functions, organizations like Sworkz can create strategies that resonate with clients and prospects, creating a magnetic pull rather than a push.

Fostering Team Growth and Learning: A Culture of Continuous Education

Maria's insights extend to her own journey in marketing. She discusses the importance of education, sharing how she leads her team by example. By constantly seeking professional growth through reading, courses, and learning programs, the Sworkz's team instills a culture of continuous education within. 

Values that Drive Results: The "Three Cs" Approach

Maria wraps up her interview by delving into the values that define Sworkz's approach: curiosity, creativity, and communication.

These values drive both team dynamics and customer relationships. Maria underlines that these values aren't siloed, but rather work synergistically to create a vibrant, authentic, and innovative culture that resonates with clients. Curiosity nurtures understanding, creativity sparks connection, and communication ensures engagement.

Maria's interview is a testament to the power of emotions in decision-making, the intricate dance between marketing and sales, and the vital role of values in shaping a cohesive and dynamic team. Her insights provide a roadmap for individuals and businesses seeking to foster growth, authenticity, and innovation, illustrating the potential for transformation and success through mindful strategies and genuine connections.

Leading by example

At Sworkz, 70% of the leadership team consists of women, we thrive in a culture that values our opinions, ideas and hard work, always highlighting the incredible value that we bring to the company, and ultimately to our clients, by our expertise and management style.

We know the importance of counting on the right team, that's why we connect businesses with top-tier remote talent to set your all-star marketing and sales team: trust on our wide range of professionals, from Business Development Representatives, to copywriters, or even if you are looking to up your game with more women in the logistics industry by hiring operations roles as LTL Specialist or Load Coordinators, Sworkz's got you covered!

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